On a mission to bring a positive impact to people’s lives with meaningful solutions

Dave Cheung

Hello! I am a user experience researcher and designer based in Brighton and have been on this path since 2019. My background is in the IT industry, where I have worn numerous hats in my 20-year working career in the UK and Hong Kong. In the past, I have worked on user interface designs, web application programming, technical support, business analysis, project management and even a bit of voice-over work!

I made the switch to UX research and design after a long search for an outlet in technology that speaks to my core values and expressions. I have always believed in making technology simple and easy to use as possible for users to accomplish their goals. The traditional projects I had been part of were not often like that! I am keen to advocate that products could do more to learn from their users needs to eliminate usability problems early and reduce the need for training.

It is ultimately my mission to bring a positive impact on people’s lives by understanding their needs and using that knowledge to come up with meaningful solutions.

I am originally from the West Midlands, then lived in Hong Kong, Japan and China for 12 years and am now based in Brighton, UK. When I’m not working, I favour the outdoors, playfully snowboarding down mountains, taking photographs of my travels, and helping others develop their public speaking skills.

Services and Skills

As you might expect from my background, I draw from a wide range of technical skills to help you with your business goals, in addition to:

UX Design

Information Architecture
Usability Testing
User Research
Website Design


Agile and Waterfall
Business Analysis
Project Management
Public Speaking
Scrum and Kanban
Web Development


Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Designer
Jira & Confluence

Let’s work together

I am open to work on projects that need user research or usability testing, whether it is big or small.

Feel free to get in touch or have a chat over a coffee.